Day: June 24, 2017


What to Watch Out For When Getting a Personal Loan

Sometimes we encounter offers that are too good to be true and most of the time they are. One of them is getting a call from a phone representative offering you a “pre-approved” personal loan. Personal loan are borrowed money which may lead to being buried in debt if not managed correctly. When getting a payday loan, there are certain things you need to watch out for to avoid falling deep into debt.

Here are top 3 things you need to look out for when getting an ocbc personal loan.

  1. Loan Sharks

These are lenders who charge high interest rates and are often operating under illegal procedures. Loan sharks are people or organizations that offer loan through an easy approval process. Often, these lender target clients who are already illegible for loans and have a need for cash. Try to find a lender who will require you to go through proper qualification process. This good qualification process will benefit both the you and the lender.

  1. Online Transactions

When you are dealing with lenders, avoid transacting with lenders who prefer to deal with you online. If they insist that you submit an application through online, then it should be your sign to back out. A licensed money lender singapore will provide you an option for applying for a loan. Some illegal lenders push you to apply online so they can capture your personal information and use it for illegal actions.

  1. Upfront Fees

One thing you should watch out for are lenders who require you to pay upfront transaction fees. These types of lenders are scams which steal the borrowers’ money through upfront fees. Once payment of the fees has been made, the lender will advise that the money will be ready in a few days. Getting in touch then becomes impossible.

There are several things that you would need to look out for when getting the best personal loan in singapore. Loans is a tricky business that is why there are a lot of scammers who engage in it. Take preventive measures to ensure that you have covered all the issues and concerns.

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